Every visitor welcomes Frankfurt with its unique skyline. It consists of the high-rise buildings of the European central bank, the most powerful German banks and many important national and international firms.

As a result of Frankfurt's efforts, the international high-rise prize and the green building prize have been alternately awarded in the city. Besides being a financial and business hub, the German high-rise city and having ecological ambitions, Frankfurt is also home to a huge range of museums and cultural institutions not the least of which is the German architecture museum ‘DAM’.
Welcome to this versatile city, welcome as well to the Rhein-Main-area with its variety of modern architecture.

In the city of Frankfurt as well as in the surrounding area
ga frankfurt – guiding architects rheinmain offers both background information and architectural theory for experts, from the slightly different ‘architect-tour’ as an addition to one’s business-stay to the ‘architecture-walks’ that are for everybody.

We put together individual tours about special issues, according to your interest in architecture or urban design.
We offer guided tours that last for several hours as well as excursions that extend for several days.

Anna Scheuermann
Anna Scheuermann
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Andrea Schwappach
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Paul-Martin Lied
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