With a density, that even eclipes some bigger European cities. With a variety that proves that creative freethinkers were alwaly welcome in Graz. And with a level of quality, that shows at first sight, that juxtapointing old and new structures is not a fundamental issue.

Welcome to our region from Graz to Ljubljana (Slovenia) We are able to offer you not only lots of thrilling examples of contemporary architecture there, but also a high ability to enjoy life.
Our profound knowlegde of the city and our long experience in guiding allows us to offer you customized tours in Graz and Ljubljana and in the whole area in between. Culinary art in whole Styria makes your tour a journey of discovery.

If desired, we also organize everything around your tour – ask us.
Depending on the customer's wishes, our tours can be done on foot, by public transport, bus/coach or by bike. We offer interior visits in almost all of our shown buildings.

Karin Tschavgova
Karin Tschavgova
Architecture Tours in Graz/Ljubljana
Waltendorfer Hauptstrasse 110b
8042 Graz, Austria
+43 316 373383
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Image credits

Image 1: Kunsthaus, Peter Cook&Colin Fournier, Graz, Photo: Graz Tourismus, Image 2: MUMUTH, UN Studio, Graz, Photo: Robert Frankl, Image 3: Bad Eggenberg, fasch&fuchs, Graz, Photo: Paul Ott, Image 4: Murinsel, Vito Acconci, Graz, Photo: Graz Tourismus, Image 5: Murturm,, Gosdorf, Photo: Tschavgova, Image 6: Church Aigen, Volker Giencke, Styria, Photo: Lackner, Image 7: The Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT), Various architects, Slovenia, Tomaž Maček, Photo Copyright © KSEVT, Image 8: Group of pupils in front of an University building Photo: Liebich