The metropolis of Nantes, referred to as the Metropolis of the Great West, is located at the crossroads of the regions of Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Poitou-Charentes. The city is the heart of a basin where cultural and urban innovation is expressed with panache. Open to the world, this area is an international economic area. For twenty years culture and the architecture are revealed in all its glorious facets and aim to be mobile and to disseminate in every neighbourhood. They are a reflection of diversity.

ArchiNantes organizes architecture, urbanism and cultural tours in the Great West, guided by local architects. If desired, we help you to find the best restaurants and Hotels to spend the best time among us!
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Aurélien Boyer
Aurélien Boyer

Nantes team

Image credits

Image 1: L´éléphant des machines, François Delarozière et Pierre Orefice, Nantes, Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Image 2: Aerial view of the île de Nantes, Jibi44 , Image 3: Bureaux du Conseil Général: Jean-Baptiste Daviais, FORMA 6, Nantes, macchi, Image 5: Ile Feydeau: Pierre Rousseau, Jibi44, Image 7: Muséum Histoire Naturelle: Gustave Bourgerel, Nantes, Jibi44 , Image 9: Parc des Chantiers: Atelier de l´Île de Nantes, Nantes, Aurélien Boyer