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The town of Salzburg offers a unique symbiosis of historic centre and unspoilt countryside, while the whole Province is home to spectacular landscapes, mountains and valleys. But this is not all; from the 20th century onwards, major works of Austrian architecture have been designed and built in the town, and contemporary architecture is rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the Province. This means that here, too, visitors may choose to stay in architecturally sophisticated hotels.

We organize tours tailor-made to your requirements; we will accompany you on excursions, with background information from experts. The tours range from contemporary buildings in the historic World Heritage Site to architectural highlights in the town and Province of Salzburg, from the lakes of the Salzkammergut to inner-Alpine regions.
All tour-guides are experts who live in Salzburg. Guided tours are available in German or English, further languages on request.
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Norbert Mayr
Norbert Mayr
Architecture Tours in Salzburg
Augustinerg. 21
A - 5020 Salzburg
t +43-699-12708526
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