Our association was founded in 2010, in Muranow, a neighborhood which formerly constituted Warsaw’s Jewish district. Our activism is centered around local history, art, architecture, social and cultural projects.

In 2012 we started offering specialized tours around our neighborhood, as well as other parts of the city, focusing on modernist and contemporary architecture. Our guides present Warsaw’s most interesting buildings in the context of a city once fragmented by war, which quickly rebuilt itself and is now one of Europe’s most dynamically developing cities.

A seemingly strange urban puzzle, where the present, the past and once imagined future seem to co-exist. We uncover archaeological layers of concepts, grand plans, dreams and potentials, proving there is more to Warsaw than meets the eye.

To many, Warsaw speaks in an unknown language, but with the help of our guides, the process of decoding it will be quite fascinating.

Beata Chomątowska
Beata Chomątowska
Maciej Mahler
Maciej Mahler
Grzegorz Piątek
Grzegorz Piątek
Aleksandra Engler-Malinowska
Aleksandra Engler-Malinowska
Architecture Tours in Warsaw
Andersa 13
00-159 Warsaw

+48 22 119 66 33

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"The number of buildings we visited and the amount of information we got was just perfect. Very professional! I will definitely recommend you."
Kamil S. - SR-K - Stockholm
Warsaw team

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