Portas do Mar - Public Space and Car Parking

Out & About: Portas do Mar – Public Space and Car Parking

A visit through the transformations and existing traces in Campo das Cebolas. Public spaces look like voids, but they are full of meanings, even if they are composed of subtle gestures like this one. The architects will help to understand the project options and consequences, and to decode the complementarity of the different riverfront areas, from the Cruise Terminal to the symbolical Terreiro do Paço. Beneath the apparent surface, another layer will be unveiled: a car park that can be something else due to its excellent scenographic features emphasised by archaeological findings. And a bit of the future will also unfold, as the visit will extend to the ongoing works at Doca da Marinha.


May 07 2022


11:00 - 13:00


Casa dos Bicos Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 10
1100 - 135 Lisboa, Portugal
Carrilho da Graça, arquitectos


Carrilho da Graça, arquitectos

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