Prague Eyes - Riverfront Revitalisation

Out & About: Prague Eyes – Riverfront Revitalisation

The event is set to kick off at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning CAMP in Prague and after an initial presentation and discussion makes stops at two notable locations along the Vltava’s newly refurbished waterfront promenade, both only a few minutes walk away: (A)Void Gallery, where we will move on to the next part of the discussion, and (A)Void Floating, where we will head over in the evening for a final concert. You can join the walk at any stop.

With the particiaption of Mrs. Anna Ramos – director FMvdR, Barcelona, Mr. Zdeněk Hřib – Prague Mayor, Mr. Petr Hlaváček – Prague Deputy Mayor, Mr. Pavel Vyhnánek- Prague Deputy Mayor, Mr. Jan Chabr – Prague Councillor, Mrs. Adriana Krnáčová – former Prague Mayor, Mr. Jan Kasl – Chairman of Czech Chamber of Architects, former Prague Mayor, Mr. Petr Lešek – vice chairman of Czech Chamber
of Architects, Mr. Adam Gebrián – theorist and promotor of architecture, Mrs. Anna Beata Háblová – architecture journalist and poet, Mr. Ivo Slavík – initiator of the Prague riverfront revitalization, founder of the (A)Void Gallery, Mr. Ondřej Špaček and Mr. Michal Lehečka – sociogists, authors of riverfront progamme methodology, and Mr. Petr Janda – initiator and architect of the Prague riverfront revitalization.

Hourly Schedule

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17:00 - 19:00
28 May
Discussion Part II at (A) Void Gallery
20:00 -
Concert at (A)Void Floating


May 28 2022


Presentation and Discussion part 1 at CAMP
14:00 - 16:00


CAMP Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2 The Emauzy Abbey
(A)Void Náplavka, 128 00 Nové Město
Petr Janda / brainwork


Petr Janda / brainwork

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