Dress for the Weather is a chartered architectural practice offering tours of their home city of Glasgow. 

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city. Once a centre for industry and manufacturing it has now developed a strong identity for arts, culture and architecture. This, combined with Glasgow’s tendency to enact large-scale urban regeneration, has created an extremely varied and interesting urban environment.

Glasgow has a strong mix of old and new, and what is interesting to us is how this all mixes to form a strong, robust city.
All our tours focus around showing visitors a ‘cross-section’ of the city and how this urban condition came to be as well as including the best contemporary architecture the city has to offer.

We have delivered several tours is the past using the cities underground system to explore various regions, and can offer bespoke tours to suit varying requirements and interests.

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Hazel Wallace
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Andy Campbell
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Matt McKenna
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Image 3: Glasgow, UK – March, 2014: View of Ashton Lane, a cobbled backstreet in the West End of Glasgow; popular student destination with cafes, restaurants and cinema, with open market stalls on a Sunday afternoon., Image 6: Glasgow, Scotland – September 03, 2015: The Riverside Museum Glasgow, Scotland. The museum has some of the world’s finest cars, bicycles, ship models and locomotives formerly in the Transport Museum.