Our architecture tours will disclose the city of Lisbon, which was one of the first truly global cities in the world. It is historically a place where cultures mingled having architecture and urban planning played an important role.

We can name, amongst other examples, the monuments built in the Age of Discovery as well as the innovative Pombalino system used in the reconstruction of the city in the 18th century. Nowadays, Portuguese architecture continues its non-stop dialogue between heritage and the contemporary, through the works of Portuguese architects such as Siza Vieira, Souto de Moura, Carrilho da Graça, Aires Mateus, and international ones like Mendes da Rocha, Renzo Piano, Vittorio Gregotti, and many others. Let us show you the Lisbon architecture, the Cascais architecture and others located in its vicinity, as well as the south of Portugal.
Since 2005, Cultour has been organizing architecture tours for individuals and groups in Porto, Lisbon and throughout all of Portugal, ensuring technical and scientific rigor. We intend to meet your interests in architecture visits such as: trips on specific themes, lectures, meetings with stakeholders, architecture walking tours, bike tours or any other specific requests.

Our architecture tours, which are always conducted by local professional architects, can be held in Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Cristina Emília R. Silva
Cristina Emília R. Silva
João Paulo Correia
João Paulo Correia
Maria da Conceição Melo
Maria da Conceição Melo
Architecture Tours in Lisbon
Rua Cândida Sá Albergaria 218 – 2º
4150-183 Porto
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Lisbon team

Image credits

Image 1: Ana Aresta, Image 2: Casa das Histórias, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Cascais, Luís Ferreira Alves, Image 3: Thalia Theater, Gonçalo Byrne and Patrícia Barbas and Diogo Lopes, Lisbon, Daniel Malhão, Image 4: Lisbon School of Music, Carrilho da Graça Arquitectos, Lisbon, MR, Image 5: Portugal Pavilion | Álvaro Siza Vieira | Lisbon | © Ana Aresta, Image 6: © Sven Klöcker, Cultour, Image 7: Wastewater Treatment Plant | Frederico Valsassina, Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus| © Sven Klöcker, Cultour, Image 8: Cruise Terminal (2017) | Carrilho da Graça | © Ingrid Murer, Cultour, Image 9: © Cultour

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