A city in the southwest of Germany with a remarkable number of classics like Weissenhofsiedlung, Tagblattturm and Hauptbahnhof. Also young classics like Fernsehturm, Staatsgalerie and parliament of Baden-Württemberg can be discovered.

But first of all Stuttgart is a city formed by impressive industrial companies like Mercedes Benz, Porsche or Bosch. And the city managed to install like Bilbao “architectural light houses” with the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums.
To discover the experimental aspects of Stuttgarts architecture you have to go a little bit out of the town Center. There you can find stylish buildings, a state of the art university campus or daring residential quarters.

Ulrich Kölle
Ulrich Kölle
Architecture Tours in Stuttgart
Ulrich Kölle
Mendelssohnstr. 73
70619 Stuttgart
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Stuttgart team

Image credits

Image 2: Kunstmuseum © Johannes Schuler, Image 3: Realschule Scharnhausen © Johannes Schuler, Image 4: Kunstmuseum © Johannes Schuler, Image 5: Zentrum für Virtuelles Engineering © Johannes Schuler, Image 6: Hospitalhof © Ulrich Kölle, Image 7: Mahle Inside © Ulrich Kölle, Image 8: Hospitalhof © Ulrich Kölle, Image 9: Einfamilienhaus Degerloch © Johannes Schuler

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