Marquês de Abrantes’ Palace

Out & About: Marquês de Abrantes Palace

People are invited to go beyond a simple visit by experiencing the long history of this building built before the earthquake of 1755 that sheltered many different ways of living, some of them still unknown. They will be able to know how a local architectural office works, the one located in this building trying to sort out together with the inhabitants the solutions for its renovation and neighbourhood’s. They can get to know the centenary association Sociedade Musical 3 d’Agosto, whose headquarters is here, have a meal cooked by them in their courtyard, and eventually contribute to the future of this central building in the oriental urban area of Lisbon with some ideas.


May 06 2022


11:00 - 14:00


Rua de Marvila 34
1950 - 200 Lisboa, Portugal



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